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Changing Default Check-In Message?


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    Hi Stephanie, great question!

    That is definitely something that is being considered, as we've heard this request from other customers as well. Stay tuned and thanks for the feedback! 

  • Sailing Pelagia

    Agreed. One should be able to easily change default checkin message. "I'm fine" just doesn't cut it!

  • Ian Hogg

    This has to be a definite must. You do not want to worry your folks by saying you are sick, or fell down a ravine, but maybe a selection of messages one can choose from, appropriate for the occasion. Perhaps "arrived safely" 'Staying put a few days"  "all are well", "lovely spot staying put" or even better, to write your own. Messages that are bit bit more meaningful and endearing. To limit the amount of characters one can use is simple to control. Because lets face it, for those requiring these are adventurers and most probably do not think they require them as much as reassuring those loved ones left at home.

  • Collin Merritt

    Agreed, especially given this is a device you are using beacuse you may not actually be 'fine'

  • Steve Galen

    This is an old request, and I was very surprised to find this capability does not exist. More importantly, the current message is "Not OK".

    I work in the medical safety field.  The current message of "I'm OK. My Location is..." is poorly worded, and can be easily misconstrued by someone who has not been prepped on how Zoleo works.  Meaning, use of the Zoleo check-in feature really requires letting your contacts know what is going to be said, which is an unnecessary step, and mandates proactive instruction.  Language matters.  The implication with the current message is that something happened, and you are letting them know that you are still OK, or that you recovered.  That could be a terrifying message to send, especially if for a routine check-in.

    If a fully customized message cannot be implemented, we should at least be allowed to choose from a list of message options for us we use.  At the very least, please change the wording.  There are probably many better options than this.  For example:

    "This is a check-in.  All is OK. My location is..." or

    "Just checking in!  My location is..." or

    "Everyone is well. Our location is..."



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