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Any plans for Europe


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    Hi Maris!

    Thanks for your interest in ZOLEO!

    We are getting a lot of interest in our product from Europe, and in fact plan to launch ZOLEO in select EU countries and the UK later this year (2022)!

    Stay tuned, and make sure you subscribe to our social media channels and our newsletter on www.zoleo.com to get the latest updates.

  • Coe Hutchison

    Yikes! I thought it already worked in the UK. Am planning a 200 mile trek across England in 2023 and am counting on my Zoleo. Will watch with enthusiasm for the UK announcement. 

  • Neil

    Hi Coe Hutchison

    Sounds like an amazing trip you have planned!

    Just to clarify - The ZOLEO device will work virtually anywhere on the planet (via the Iridium satellite network, which has pole-to-pole coverage). 

    In terms of activating the device and having an active monthly service plan, we are set up to support customers in specific countries at this time, and require billing addresses and payment methods to be based in those regions (Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand). 

    This means as long as you have a billing address/payment card in one of those regions, you can purchase and activate a ZOLEO and use it anywhere on the planet! 

  • Coe Hutchison

    Thanks for that clarification Neil. Whew! Glad to hear that. I am set up with billing address, etc in the US and have been using my Zoleo while hiking here. Great to know that I am already set to go for some big hiking in the UK. 

    Keep up the good work!


  • John Powell

    Reports make your device out to be the best. We are waiting patiently for sales to us in UK!


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