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    Hello Mike Morgan

    We currently don't support this type of functionality, but can share with you that your team is hard at work developing ways to better integrate ZOLEO features and data into other partners and apps that our users commonly use - Stay tuned! 

  • Mike Morgan

    I'm looking forward to having some type of API output from Zoleo.   Caltopo would be excellent to partner with considering how much their program is used for search & rescue.

    Here is the response back I got from Caltopo support:

    We're still working on updating the documentation for locators but in the meantime I can give you some guidance here. I'm not really familiar with Zoleo specifically but it may be possible to set it up as a custom integration if Zoleo is able to send position updates to our reporting API. If you're an individual user, you can then record tracks from your custom integration by adding a locator and choosing “Live Track - Fleet, Email, Other”. If you're a team user, you can add the custom integration as a trackable device group. 
    If Zoleo is are able to send position updates from their program, we can give you further instructions on setting up the CalTopo side of things (API endpoint, GET request parameters, etc).


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