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Location Sharing +


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  • Neil

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for the great feedback! There are various reasons why the Location Share + feature requires both parties to use the ZOLEO mobile app, namely the method of transmission for app-to-app messaging is preferred because it can transmit more data per message vs email or SMS which relies on third party carriers. 

    With that said, we are currently working on ways to expand the ZOLEO app functionality so it works with more third party partners and apps, including your favorite mapping applications!

    I'll pass this feedback along to our product team as well!

  • Eric Bray

    Thanks, and I really hope your company thinks it is important to allow its customers to have full functionality outside of the walls of the Zoleo app.

    For example, in the GPS watch world, both Suunto and Garmin really wants its users to use their proprietary apps to track users activities and to connect with other people.  Regardless of their desires, I don't want to connect with just Suunto users, or with just Garmin users, I want to connect with runners and cyclists--so I use Strava to track my activities.

    Back to this, I am the only one I know that has purchased a Zoleo, and if you force me to stay within your architecture, I will have no choice but to leave.  The majority of the events I participate in that are important to me, have group location pages on Spotwalla and require automatic & periodic position updates.  Both SPOT and Inreach devices allow outside mapping applications to have access to a raw feed (with the user's permission of course) whereas sites that are compatible with Zoleo depend upon the e-mails generated by Check In messages, and therefore cannot have access to regular & automatic position updates.

  • Matt Ion

    You're being a bit melodramatic there, Eric. The ZOLEO app is free and anyone can create an account and use it without buying a ZOLEO device or paying for a plan. My wife has installed it, as have several friends, who don't have a ZOLEO - easy and free. 

    I've been working with a third party who is creating a website that can display your Location Share+ "breadcrumbs" as well, accessible to anyone you give access to, so it's really not as dire as you make it sound.


  • Eric Bray

    So @Matt, just so I am getting this correct.  Since you don't mind asking a bunch of people to download an app just for this purpose, then anyone else who doesn't feel that this is appropriate is being unreasonable? Since it is so obvious to you that everyone I know should own a smartphone; is also always in a location where phones are authorized; and is willing to download an app; then why are you working with a 3rd party to develop a website that can display Location Sharing+ data.  You just declared that such a 3rd party site is unnecessary...

    But I'm glad your wife and friends were willing to download the app.  Regardless of your opinion above, my desired use case is not the same as yours and I don't think it's unreasonable for there to be a way to send the Location Share+ information to a 3rd party mapping service.

    My real issue & complaint is that this limitation was not obvious from the information on Zoleo's advertisements and I didn't know this limitation existed until I had already bought the device and paid for 3 months of service.

  • Neil

    Eric Bray Our documentation and marketing materials regarding Location Share + do mention the fact that the ZOLEO app is needed for your contacts, but I've passed along this feedback to our Marketing Team to see how we can make this more obvious and clearer moving forward.


    Thanks for the feedback!

  • John R

    Interesting to see the threads on the challenges of only being able to see the location and trail with the app, and the positive responses from Neil G on potential changes. 

    Sadly there seems to have been no changes on this front, and direct messages to the company indicate there are no plans to change the need to have the app. 
    I've even tried creating a new thread on the topic, but that's not been approved for publishing. 

    Come on Zoleo, this need for the app to see a location and trail is really difficult and limiting. 

  • Mark Santa-Maria

    Since I am new to Zoleo, indulge me.  If I send a text message and use the "location bubble" the other end receives just coordinates.  They have been able to drop these coordinates into google maps.  What am I missing here with people wanting to use third party maps?  Cant you just send a message with coordinates to whoever or whatever?


  • Mark Santa-Maria

    Ok now for a feature... It seemed that I couldn't use the check in button without signing up for the 6.00 add on.  I'd sure love to be able to use that button on the device to send a checkin at the expense of a "message" on my plan.  Set up who is getting it and bam!   


    Thank you everyone 




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