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Find My Device, but returns GPS location


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  • Neil

    Hi Jon Turgeon,

    We are working on some exciting new features around making it easier to view and consume ZOLEO's location data.

    One thing to consider is that satellite communication devices like ZOLEO aren't "always on" like cellphones are, or even dedicated satellite tracking devices which are constantly transmitting their signals. 

    ZOLEO only "turns on and connects to the satellite networks" at a pre-determined interval to check for messages, or when you send out a message as the ZOLEO user. In between, the ZOLEO has no connection to the network. This is what enables it to have such a long battery life, as well as contain costs with regards to transmitting data over satellite.

    This means the ZOLEO device cannot be pinged in the same way a cellphone can; We can only pull the last known location that was transmitted from the ZOLEO.


    Hope this helps! 

  • Jon Turgeon

    Thanks Neil, if I understand correctly it might be pretty close. When you say "We can only pull the last known location that was transmitted from the Zoleo". So when the Zoleo device checks for message updates is the location sent as part of that check? If so that would be great to be able to access that information as part of your account. As far as power I would plan on leaving it in a cradle with a dedicated usb cable for times we are not using it remotely. So possible benefits

    1. For our use, if the vehicle is stolen we could at least see where the last known location was

    2. For active sports while away from civilization (sailing,hiking etc) if you were not able to activate the SOS at least if you were over due your contacts could see the last location

    3. If you are out hiking and drop your Zoleo and lose it, you could get the last location to try and recover it.

    If the location is not part of the packet when the Zoleo checks it would still be great to be able to make a request to your device for the next time it checks for messages to then transmit the location back. 

  • Matt Ion

    Might I suggest, that ZOLEO isn't the best solution for this specific purpose?

    A friend uses Spot Trace for this exact feature -will transmit a "breadcrumb" track at intervals while moving, notify when it stops moving for a set period, and notify when it starts moving again. 

    Something used this way in a vehicle will need to be installed or attached somewhere with a clear view of the sky, not stashed away in a glove box or something, and hard-wired to power. Taking your ZOLEO in and out and possibly forgetting to leave it in the vehicle is iffy. 

    A dedicated device for this purpose would be a better option.



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