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How can I change my ZOLEO SMS number?



  • Kris

    I am being hit with an endless stream of spam messages on my brand new, just activated Zoleo, so I would like to change the SMS number. But as far as I can tell, deactivating and reactivating will cost me money. If that is correct, I don't really think that is a very fair approach. If I am mistaken, and I can do it at no cost, your documentation should be updated to clarify that I can do this without additional cost.

    My Zoleo is brand new, and I would not be very happy if I have to pay to clear up an issue that is not my doing that makes the device unusable to me.


  • Neil

    Hi Kris!

    We can definitely swap out your ZOLEO number at no cost if you're getting spam messages.


    As much as we do our best to filter out and mitigate spam, our SMS numbers are subject to this just like other similar services.



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