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Do non-satellite messages count against the monthly plan?



  • Official comment

    Great question! Any messages sent over Wifi-cellular will not count against your monthly plan! 

  • Joey Richard

    Hey Neil, 

    Is there a way to establish when a satellite signal takes priority for messaging? Is it only when cell signal has "no service", or will it the outbound message be sent via satellite @ 10% cell signal? 20%? 

  • Neil

    Hi Joel,

    Delivery via satellite takes priority when the ZOLEO application is unable to send messages using an internet connection, this includes both Wi-Fi and/or cellular data. If Wi-Fi or cellular data connectivity is evident but so poor that the ZOLEO application cannot communicate with the ZOLEO messaging server, the application will send the message via the satellite instead.


  • Joey Richard

    Thanks. And is there somewhere I can track the number of satellite messages sent/received?




  • Neil

    Hi Joey,

    We're working on an upcoming feature that will give you a "live" count of your satellite usage! 

    In the meantime, you'll currently receive usage alerts directly to your ZOLEO mobile app when you hit certain threshold for usage. This allows you to keep track of your message activity within the current billing cycle, and even reply back to purchase additional monthly messages as needed! 

    The articles below have more info:




  • Coe Hutchison

    I love the idea of a live count of messages used. I was looking for the same thing recently. I had to go back and try to count messages and that was a pain. Great new feature. Can’t wait. 

  • Paul Mandl

    Hi Coe - Yes, I'm looking forward to the live-count-of-satellite-messages feature as well!
    How do you "go back and count messages"? Can you identify the messages that were sent via satellite?
    Versus those which were sent via cellular network? Respective those which were sent via Wifi? Thanks!

  • Neil

    Hi Paul Mandl!

    Yes - Your monthly invoice (which is for the activity of the previous billing period), displays detailed message activity. 

    You can view this invoice at any time by logging into your account at and navigating to "Invoices" on the left menu panel. 

  • Dave McMahon

    I see this thread is a few months old.
    Is there any info on the progress of the message count feature.

  • Neil

    Hi Dave McMahon,

    Not yet, but rest assured we are currently working on this feature and hope to have it ready for one our upcoming major update releases.

  • Randall Darden

    Hi, I have another related request/suggestion: 

    The automated messages telling me I've used 80%/100% of my monthly message should not count messages sent and received over WiFi/cellular data. I routinely use my Zoleo app to send and receive WiFi/cellular messages and get this type of warning when I have used few if any satellite messages in the billing period:


    Hello! You’ve used at least 100% of the 25 messages included in your Basic Monthly Plan (USA). Your monthly plan and included messages renew on August 03, 2022.



    I was even billed for the extra WiFi/cellular messages once, though your customer support was able to correct this when I asked for help.

  • Neil

    Hi Randall Darden

    You did the right thing here (contact our Support Team for help)! 

    Depending on how messages are queued into our messaging servers, can sometimes create edge cases where message source (wifi vs cellular vs satellite) is counted incorrectly. Rest assured, these are very rare edge cases that we will always rectify, either proactively on our end or if you contact our Support team. 

    We are working on some updates to better optimize messaging routing, and of course as mentioned in the thread above, a live message counting feature so you can better stay on top of your message usage. 

  • Permanently deleted user

    Hello Nail G

    I do have one Basic Rugged Smartphone exclusive for use with my Zoleo Device, if my account is active with a monthly plan, all text messages has sent to my Zoleo number via SMS while my Zoleo Device and my Smartphone is off, will count as satellite messages as soon as turn on the smartphone on WiFi or Cellular network and open de App ??

    Thanks !

  • Neil



    You cannot receive any messages sent to your ZOLEO's sms number unless your mobile device is paired to the ZOLEO. The messages will transmit as soon as the device is turned on and paired to your phone, but if your phone has access to wifi/cellular networks they will not count against your monthly plan. 


    Hope this helps1 


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