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For the Zoleo App-do my contacts (family) have to set up a Zoleo account to use the App to get my Zoleo text messages



  • Neil G

    Hi Nancy Parri!

    Whenever the ZOLEO app is downloaded and installed on a mobile device, it will essentially create an app account when the app is first opened. 

    In terms of needing to create an actual ZOLEO account on, this is not required to use the app since the app is free and available for anyone to use.

    In order to use the ZOLEO device with the app including its various functionality like sending and receiving messages over satellite, and the SOS feature, an account with an active ZOLEO service plan is required. 

    Your contacts (friends, family, etc.), can download and use the ZOLEO app to communicate with you (they would use Wifi/cellular if they do not have a ZOLEO device). 

    There are many benefits to using the app verses email or sms, including being able to send longer messages. 

    A message sent or received over satellite using the ZOLEO device will count against your monthly plan. 


    Hope this helps! 

  • Rudi Goeldi

    I have a follow-up question.  

    If the messages back and forth are delivered over cellular or WiFi, that does not count towards the monthly message count on my plan.  It only counts when the delivery method is satellite, correct?

  • Neil G

    That's correct! Only messages delivered via satellite when WIFI or cellular are not available count against your plan. 


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