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Basic plan for incoming and check in messages



  • Neil G

    Hello Tianwen Li!

    For all ZOLEO plans including Basic, any message including sms, email, app-to-app weather, and check-in will count against your monthly usage as long as it is transmitted via satellite. This applies for both incoming and outgoing messages. 

    For messages sent over wifi or cellular, those do not count against your plan and are unlimited (data and carrier costs may apply as per usual).

    Note that when you send a Check- In, you may have several check in contacts designated, whom each will receive a check in message. This will still always count as one check-in message on your plan. 


    If you add the optional Location Share + (LS+) feature to your plan, you will be able to send unlimited location updates as well as unlimited check-in messages.


    Hope this helps! 

  • Geoff Jackson

    If you are connected to a phone with internet reception and push the check-in button on the Zoleo - is it sent by cellular data or by satellite?


  • Neil G

    Hi Geoff Jackson,


    It would be sent by cellular, and would not use one of your monthly plan's message counts.


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