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Location Sharing ... without the app please



  • Matt Ion

    As handy as this feature would be for some (and as I noted in the other thread about it, there are third parties working on a solution for this), keep in mind there are other things that may take priority because they affect more people and/or are a more serious issue... for example, the app wasn't starting with Android on many phones, or was randomly closing when running, and notifications of messages wouldn't come through until the app was launched manually.

    That's now been resolved (and is still working perfectly - thanks, Lu!) and so maybe resources can be made available for YOUR want.  But lots of people want things too, usually different things... and so these wants are addressed on a priority basis. 

    Instead of making your own post about it, maybe just upvote the one that's already there to show interest in the idea. Makes it a lot easier for them to track how many are interested.


  • Neil

    We are working on this feature, so stay tuned! 

  • John R

    Thanks for your responses gentlemen.

    I have no idea if or how zoleo gauge support for a concept, and I'm not familiar with the upvote, much less whether there's any notice taken of it.

    My apologies Matt if endeavoring to add support for this feature, with some brief points on why, was not communicated in the manner you prefer.


  • Matt Ion



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