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  • What kind of messages can ZOLEO send?

    App-to-app messages  An app-to-app message is a message you send to (or receive from) another ZOLEO App user. The messages in a conversation are displayed by tapping on the conversation.  NOTE: ...

  • My ZOLEO is not powering on.

    When you first receive your ZOLEO device you will need to plug it in for charging before powering on the device.   For more information on charging your device please list our article here.  

  • ZOLEO Device Not Making Notification Sounds

    The device notification sounds are a configurable setting in the ZOLEO settings, if you are not hearing sounds on your ZOLEO device please check the ZOLEO Device settings in your ZOLEO App. Please ...

  • How do I get help in the ZOLEO app?

    The ZOLEO app has built-in help topics for the most common questions. Use the below steps to access the help menu: 1. Open the ZOLEO app. 2. Tap on Settings (gear icon). 3. Tap on Help. 4. A list o...

  • Why don't I get new message notifications from the ZOLEO App for Android?

    The Android operating system provides many tools for managing notifications and power savings. At times, these settings may interfere with the ability for ZOLEO users to receive new message noti...

  • ZOLEO Regulatory Certification Documents

    The ZOLEO regulatory and certification documents are below.  They include: ZOLEO EU Declaration of Conformity ZOLEO FCC Grant Part 15 ZOLEO FCC Grant Part 25 ZOLEO Iridium Partner Agreement ZOLEO ...

  • How do I change the name and phone number for my ZOLEO app?

    When you first downloaded the ZOLEO app, you were asked to enter a name and your phone number. The name controls what message recipients see when you send a message to them via the ZOLEO app. Th...

  • Performing a Soft Reset of the ZOLEO Communicator

    If the ZOLEO communicator does not respond to your commands you can perform a soft reset. Performing a soft reset forces an immediate reboot of the ZOLEO communicator without deleting any data that...

  • How do I check my ZOLEO battery level?

    The status of the ZOLEO communicator’s battery is shown on the in-app status bar when the ZOLEO device is connected to your ZOLEO App. When the battery level falls below 10%, an alert will appear o...

  • What plans are available for ZOLEO?

      You may view all of the current ZOLEO plans online on the ZOLEO plan page.